AUSTIN — The Democrats’ Washington-based activist attack network is up to its old partisan tricks.  Late last week, Matt Angle led Texans for Public Justice and the Texas Values in Action Coalition (TEXVAC) in launching a smear on state Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, Republican of Dallas.

“Matt Angle pledged to take the Texas House by this year, and from the looks of things his approaching failure is making him desperate,” said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston.  “The fact is, the Texas Democrats know the people of Texas won’t support them so they’re resorting to innuendo and false smears on great conservative Republicans like state Rep. Linda Harper Brown.  This is base partisan politics, pure and simple.”

The Texas Democratic Party has made it known that state Rep. Harper Brown is their number one target in November.  Matt Angle controls millions of dollars that flow to and through the Texas Democratic Party via the Texas Democratic Trust, making him the shadow power behind the party.  Because of his cash arsenal, the chief source of which is the estate of the late Fred Baron, Angle strongly influences everything from policy to personnel at the party and is, in the words of Democratic operative Glenn Smith, “the de facto state (Democratic) party right now.”  Angle’s operation is based out of Washington, DC.

Texans for Public Justice is a leftwing front group funded by, among others, foundations connected to far left kingpin George Soros.  And the Texas Values in Action Coalition (TEXVAC) is in reality a far left front group as well, built specifically to attack Republicans.  TEXVAC’s largest contributor is Steve Mostyn, president of the Texas Trial Lawyer Association and known for pushing the so-called “Mostyn Bill,” which if it had passed would have resulted in millions for his lawfirm.  TEXVAC filed the complaint against state Rep. Harper Brown, proving that the baseless attack on her is pure partisan politics.

The late Fred Baron himself made headlines in 2008, when it turned out that he had paid to help conceal the relationship between former Democratic Senator and vice presidential nominee John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

“Given all this sordid history and these connections, the notion that anybody in Angle’s tangle is interested in clean government doesn’t even pass the laugh test,” Preston added.  “They’re just interested in partisan attacks.”