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Austin, Texas, April 15, 2021 — For immediate release

Republican Party Chairman Allen West, SREC Legislative Priorities Chair Jill Glover, and SREC Constitutional Carry Sub-Committee Chair Stephen Stanley laud our grassroots for making their voices heard in our State Capitol with HB 1927 getting one step closer toward passage.

RPT Chairman Allen West praised an excellent team of advocates, staff, and SREC members working together, by saying, “Though we have work still to do, Texans have made their voices heard and we have accomplished something major here on behalf of our constituency. Our indomitable spirit, our desire to remain victors — not victims — stands strong tonight across Texas. As I have often said, ‘An armed person is a citizen, and an unarmed man is a subject.’ That will not be the case in our beloved Lone Star State.”

“This is something that has never before been done in a Texas Legislative session, though it is something Texas Republicans have repeatedly asked for,” SREC Legislative Priorities Committee Chairwoman Jill Glover stated. “We applaud our legislators for hearing the many voices of our grassroots advocates, and partners such as the Gun Owners of America, and other groups.”

SREC Constitutional Carry Sub-Committee Chair Stephen Stanley spoke at an RPT Day of Action yesterday and is to be thanked for his hard work in getting this bill so far.

Additionally, a number of legislators worked tirelessly, and we thank the many House Representatives and their staff members who assisted with this effort.

Though there is still a third reading of the bill, occurring tomorrow, the Republican Party of Texas will continue to advocate for her citizens to be able to fully exercise their Second Amendment protections.