Texas GOP Statement on the Texas State Auditor’s Investigation of Shady Democrat Dawnna Dukes
Austin –
The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has called on Democrat State Representative Dawnna Dukes to disclose all financial records related to the African American Community Festival she ordered to taxpayer funded staff to organize. Recent media reports have revealed that Representative Dukes controlled all the funds related to this event, which raises serious questions of impropriety and possibly illegal activities.
“Texas taxpayers deserve to know whether Dawnna Dukes illegally profited off of this event,” said RPT Communications Director Mike Joyce. “What’s clear is that Dukes forced her taxpayer funded Capitol staff to work on this event which seemingly violates any commonsense interpretation of state ethics laws, and now must answer the question of what happened to the money? Dawnna Dukes has a shady history of financial mismanagement and needs to come clean immediately, furthermore any wrongdoing needs to be reported to the proper legal authorities.”
Background on Representative Dukes: