Our Republican youth organizations have had quite a year and it’s far from over.

Texas Young Republican Federation

The Young Republicans have been busy. Earlier this year they held a Legislative Day that you can read about here and hosted the National YRs for their Spring Board Meeting in San Antonio. On August 9th Young Republicans from across the state gathered in Austin for their state convention where they heard from many great Republican leaders such as Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman, Justice Phil Johnson, Representative Stefani Carter, Representative Sarah Davis, RPT Finance Committeeman Malachi Boyuls, Candidate Joe Pool, Jr., National Director of VOCES Action Adryana Boyne, Former RPT Chairman Tom Pauken and Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott also hosted a special reception to celebrate the election of their new State Chair Richard Morgan. Other newly elected officers were Michael Holdman, Kristen Smith, Rusty Kuciemba, Brian Bodine, Chris Carmona, Megan Higginbotham and Amanda Adamez.


AbottOn top of planning great events they have been starting new chapters including the South Texas Young Republicans that cover the region from San Antonio to Corpus Christi and have hosted Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman and Ag Commissioner Todd Staples in just their first two meetings. There were two more new chapters added at the convention, Cameron County Young Republicans and North East Tarrant County Young Republicans. The North East Tarrant Young Republicans will be hosted their first meeting with Senator Kelly Hancock on August 26th. They haven’t just been building new clubs but recruiting new members, the Dallas Young Republicans spent the day at the 2013 GDHCC Viva Dallas! Hispanic Expo recruiting new members and sharing the conservative message.


Plans for the next year are already underway and we are more excited than ever. If you are between the ages of 18-40 check out a chapter near you if you want to get in on the fun and action.

Twitter: @TexasYRs Facebook: www.facebook.com/TexasYR

Texas Federation of College Republicans

The College Republicans haven’t let summer slow them down. In April they held their state convention at the State Capitol and heard from Chairman Steve Munisteri, Justice Don Willet, RNC Hispanic Engagement Director David Zapata, Candidate Tom Pauken and Governor Rick Perry sent a video message that they all thoroughly enjoyed. At the convention they elected a new State Chairman Kristopher Infante and new officers Kari Lane, Stewart McGregor, Tyler Ryska, Laura Gilbert, Maggie Holman, Stephen Bailey, Amy Nabozny and Parker Gordon. Since this new team has been in place, they have hit the ground running.


UNTThe College Republicans were not going to sit by as the democrats and protestors over at the Capitol spread falsehoods and made baseless claims about HB 2 to their peers. They hit social media and pushed the #saferforwomen message alongside the RPT on Facebook, twitter, featured on blogs in an effort to get the facts and truth out there to their peers. Don’t think that they will stop there; they are working on exciting stuff to make their presence known on campuses across the state this fall. With almost 30 chapters across the state and counting they are one of the largest state federations in the Country.


This summer they have been participating in trainings held by the RPT to prepare for the upcoming school year and you can read more about that here. They are preparing for their Fall Conference in Dallas on October 19. If you would like more information on that conference please email Kristopher@txfcr.org. They have a new website if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved at www.txfcr.org.

Twitter: @txfcr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/txfcr

High School Republicans of Texas

The High School Republicans of Texas continue to impress us not only because most of their members are not yet old enough to vote but their drive and passion are a force to be reckoned with. They held their state convention this summer in San Antonio and instead of having the usual speakers they had trainings and heard from SREC member Marian Stanko about party structure and the convention process, Justin Williamson of Raconteur Media on Social Media, Matt Gamble of Baselice and Associates on polling, Keri Mason on Fundraising and Chairman Steve Munisteri on his experiences getting involved in high school. From this convention they raised over $6,000 to help with chapter building and recruitment. State Chairman Connor Pfeiffer was re-elected and will be working alongside Vice Chairman Shelby James, Secretary Philip White, Treasurer Jorge Villareal and Houston Regional Chair Aaron Birenbaum.


This is undoubtedly one of the most active and hard working groups. In the 83rd Legislative Session Senator Kelly Hancock sponsored a resolution recognizing the high school republicans for their hard work and Chairman Todd Hunter recognized them in the House. The National Teen Age Republicans recently awarded Connor Pfeiffer the Tony Blankley Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement. If you or someone you know would like to start a chapter, join a chapter or get involved send an email to info@hsrtx.org or check out their website at www.hsrtx.org.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSRepTX

The Republican Party of Texas is always looking for new interns as we ramp up our efforts for the 2014 election cycle. If you are interested in possible internship positions witht the RPT please contact Rachel Wilson at rwilson@texasgop.org or give our office a call at 512-477-9821.