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The Republican Party of Texas Recommends that the Texas S.O.S. Take Action in Harris County to Protect Election Integrity

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Austin, TX, Release: August 27, 2020. For Immediate Release 

It clear that the Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, is a partisan Democrat who is using his position to dump an untold number of ballots loosely across Harris County. The Texas Secretary of State, Ruth Hughes, should open an investigation to review any foul play that could harm the integrity of our elections. 

Additionally, the Republican Party of Texas plans to file an open records request with Harris County to obtain the information below: 

·         Communications (defined herein as including emails, texts, letters, fax, or any other types of communication) relating to upcoming mailing of applications to vote by mail which will be sent to all registered voters in Harris County, TX. Communications requested include those between, but are not limited to, clerk staff, clerk staff and Democratic (local and otherwise) Party officials/volunteers, clerk staff and staff of the Harris County Commissioners Court; 

·         A copy of the vote by mail application that the Harris County Clerk intends to send out to all registered voters (including all drafts of proposed application); 

·         A copy of any proposed instructions/communications that the Harris County clerk intends to send out with the vote-by-mail applications to all registered voters; 

·         Communications and/or other information relating to any type of public outreach through media or otherwise associated with the public completing and returning the vote by mail applications.     

We cannot allow the Democrat Party to engage in ballot harvesting. It is up to Texas Republicans to defend the integrity of our democratic process. 


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