AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas today launched a new web site to present the case against state Rep. Jim Dunnam. The Republicans’ new web site is at

Dunnam admitted Thursday that he does not live in the House District he represents in the State Legislature, and as the facts presented on the web site make clear, he has not lived in the district he represents for years now.

In addition to presenting the residency case against Dunnam, the site features a petition for voters to sign to let Dunnam know that they are done with his deceptions and his liberal voting in the Legislature.

Republican Party spokesman Bryan Preston renewed the call on Dunnam to tell HD 57 residents how many nights total he has slept in the Chilton House in the past 12 months. “Dunnam’s excuses for flouting the eligibility standards have reached absurd depths,” Preston said. “He’s tried everything from ‘It’s for the children!’ to ‘It’s for the horses!’ It’s pretty clear that it’s really all about Jim Dunnam and always has been.”

Dunnam has claimed that he and his wife made the choice to live outside District 57 for the sake of their childrens’ education and that he wouldn’t vote for anyone who moved their children for political reasons. To that, Preston retorts “Then I guess he won’t vote for Obama again like he did in 2008, because the president certainly moved his family to Washington for political reasons. It’s amusing to see Dunnam spin himself into a corner, and it’ll be gratifying to see the people of District 57 send Dunnam into retirement in November.”

Dunnam has also claimed that the tall, untended grass in front of his abandoned in-district house is there because he’s growing hay. “Sometimes, a weed is just a weed,” answers Preston.