AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas today continued their case against Rep. Jim Dunnam by recalling the representative’s endorsement of Obama’s election in 2008, as well as his signing a pledge supporting the president’s unpopular and controversial health care reform plan. The Web site includes in its latest addition an excerpt of Dunnam’s official endorsement, a copy of the letter Dunnam signed and a 2009 study detailing the consequential impact Obama’s health care plan would have on Texas.

Republican Party spokesman Chris Elam renewed the call to hold Jim Dunnam accountable, saying, “It’s no surprise that a liberal trial lawyer would be so vocal in his support of Obama’s liberal views, but it is important to remind the good people in District 57 of Dunnam’s true colors. We strongly believe that the voters in the district – the district he represents, but where he does not reside – need to hear the Dunnam record.”

In addition to outlining Dunnam’s unwavering support for President Obama and the president’s unpopular healthcare policy, the site continues to present the residency case against Dunnam. The site features a petition for voters to sign to let Dunnam know that they are done with his deceptions and his partisan agenda in the Legislature.

Dunnam admitted last month that he does not live in the House District he represents in the State Legislature, and as the facts presented on the website make clear, he has not lived in the district he represents since 2001.