AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas announced the release of their newest video exploring the actions of Kristi Thibaut, the former ACORN lobbyist and current State Representative for House District 133.

The video – titled “Follow the Money” – details over $500,000 in campaign contributions that Thibaut has accepted from labor unions, trial lawyers, and other liberal interest groups while campaigning for the west Houston seat.

“This video is very clear – Kristi Thibaut finances her campaign through her wealthy friends at the liberal special interests,” said state Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri. “Follow the money. These donations are frequent, they are large, and their intent is plain – the lobbyists and special interests are trying to protect one of their own.”

As detailed at the website,, while campaigning for the HD 133 seat, Thibaut has taken $58,500 from labor unions, $105,969 from trial attorneys, and an additional $336,509 from various liberal interests such as Annie’s List, Planned Parenthood and ACORN.

“Kristi Thibaut has received a half million dollar message from the unions, liberals and trial lawyers – ‘You are beholden to us’,” said Chris Elam, spokesman for the RPT. “Frankly, we think they overpaid. Here at the RPT, we are spending our own resources to spread that message to voters across House District 133. Big donor liberals across Texas are opening the coffers to protect their investment in Thibaut, but Texas businesses and families are the ones who end up paying the price. We urge voters to visit the website, watch the video and to follow the money.”

This is the second in a series of videos hosted on the website, which details Thibaut’s history with the controversial organization ACORN, as well as her ties to numerous other liberal groups and interests. Records show that Thibaut lobbied the Texas Legislature on behalf of ACORN in 2007.

Representative Thibaut is being challenged by former state Representative Jim Murphy of Houston.