Six weeks ago, the Republican Party of Texas issued a call to arms against the onslaught of the liberal Democrats in Washington, D.C., and the response has been outstanding! Thousands of Texas Republicans have joined up through the Texas Trailblazers program, and our numbers continue to grow!

Last night, RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri led a conference call of Texas GOP County Chairs to coordinate our statewide blockwalking program this October. The call covered several information points, and this update will give you those same details for your own preparation and planning.

First, we are very pleased to announce that the Texas Trailblazers program will be out in full force during three weekends leading up to Early Voting and Election Day – October 16-17, October 23-24 and October 30-31.

RPT Field Director, Josh Perry, has cross-matched volunteers with a list of campaigns and races in your locale, where our Republican candidates are engaged in strong races. We are coordinating directly with county parties and candidates to direct you straight to the volunteer opportunities that already exist, and also working to create new ones to supplement those efforts where it makes sense.

Your time and talents can make a strong impact in your own community, or in other races across Texas! When signing up to join the Texas Trailblazers, please let us know which of the following scenarios fits your preferences.

  1. If you are willing to travel outside of your home area, we will organize you as part of a strike force to travel to targeted districts with competitive races.
  2. If you are unable to travel outside of your area, we will integrate you with your local county party or candidates directly into their blockwalking programs for those same weekends.

If there is not a competitive race in your area, please consider signing up to be part of a coordinated strike force into a district or county where you can make a strong impact! We have already seen instances across Texas where Democrat candidates are paying for blockwalkers, and concentrating their efforts into a large number of targeted districts. It would be tremendously helpful to our Republican candidates in those districts to bring in Trailblazer reinforcements whenever possible!

A great deal of preparation and communication is already in progress to make sure that our volunteers can bring our message to tens of thousands of homes each of these weekends. Josh Perry and RPT will be coordinating with the Victory campaign to provide you with walk lists for your areas, and we are also working directly with the campaigns to make sure that you have all the materials and literature you need to be successful.

That is the full, up-to-the-minute summary of details surrounding our statewide blockwalking program. All that we need to continue preparations are more enthusiastic volunteers who can volunteer for one or all of those three target weekends!

Sign up today for the Texas Trailblazers, and help Texas Republicans press forward to victory!