Austin, TX, Release: August 13, 2020. For Immediate Release 

It has been over 150 days since we first started the “15 days to flatten the curve” operation. After reviewing the data below, it is concerning that across Texas and the nation Americans have surrendered their liberties and allowed mass economic contractions to occur. 

“Considering these data points it is shocking to see how our nation has abandoned its constitutional rights and economic prosperity. Only 3 percent of ER visits are for COVID symptoms, less than 2 percent of active COVID cases are hospitalized, 94 percent of COVID deaths are associated with having one more serious medical condition, and 75 percent of COVID associated deaths in Texas occur with people who are 65 years or older. Why are we allowing the media and leftists to fear monger and drive us into an economic depression to advance their political agenda? As Texans, Republicans, and Americans we must stand up and reassert authority over our own rights and responsibilities.  Whether it is the right to run a business or the responsibility to maintain our own personal safety,” stated Chairman Allen West. 

Letting Democrats and their accomplices in the national press drive the narrative only guarantees that our rights and duties will continue to be eroded, and that leftist political goals will be accomplished.