Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sam Pohl,

The Republican Party of Texas Calls on Chuck Schumer to Stop Blocking the Bipartisan Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) attempted to call up Senate Bill 1416 – the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act – which would curb prescription drug prices by limiting the anti-competitive abuse of patents by large drug companies to prevent affordable generic alternative prescriptions. Of the ten co-sponsors, six are Democrats and four are Republicans indicating high levels of bipartisan support.

Senator Chuck Schumer himself blocked the bill on the floor this morning after Senator Cornyn called it up.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“Senator Chuck Schumer has focused all of his political ire on killing a bill that would make healthcare more affordable for hardworking Texas families. He is unwilling to give Americans what they sorely deserve because it would give Senator John Cornyn, Republicans, and, most importantly, Texans, a victory. We are calling on Sen. Schumer and all Democrats to prove they care more about Texans than they do about partisan victories by ensuring this important bill is brought up for a vote.”