Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sam Pohl,

The Republican Party of Texas Congratulates Trey Trainor on His Confirmation to the Federal Elections Commission

AUSTIN, TX – Today, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm former Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Assistant General Counsel James “Trey” Trainor as a Commissioner to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). The confirmation comes after the FEC has had vacancies and not met the necessary quorum to conduct normal business. Trainor’s confirmation now gives the FEC the ability to make quorum. Trainor’s nomination has been included as one of President Donald J. Trump’s many nominations that the Democrats have held up since the President’s election in 2016.

Trainor is an Austin attorney at the Trainor Law Firm, PC. He previously served as a special assistant to United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis, as general counsel to the Texas Secretary of State, and as counsel to the Texas House Committee on Regulated Industries. Trainor specializes in election law, campaign finance, and ethics.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“My heartfelt congratulations to Trey Trainor on – finally – receiving a vote in the U.S. Senate and being confirmed late this afternoon as FEC Commissioner. I was incredibly blessed to have Trey on my team when I was first elected as Chairman. His counsel and guidance was valued every day. I will always be grateful for Trey’s hard work at RPT. Trey was available around-the-clock to handle legal matters of any scope and provide his wisdom. His leadership was on full display as he traveled the state training election attorneys during the 2018 election and steering our election legal response team. Trey will now bring his vast wealth of knowledge in service to our country through the Federal Election Commission. The entire team at the Republican Party of Texas extends our heartiest congratulations to Trey. Thank you to President Trump for nominating Trey and working to get the FEC back to quorum so that they can conduct the necessary business to ensure we have a fair election in November. We know Trey will make Texas and our President proud.”