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Austin, TX, Release: October 13, 2020. For Immediate Release

Last night, the Republican Party of Texas filed a suit against Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins to stop illegal voting before it starts.

Chris Hollins continues to try and rewrite Texas election law as an unelected county clerk. Just a matter of weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Texas ruled Hollins was illegally trying to send absentee ballot requests to voters that were not legally able to vote absentee. Now he is trying to unlawfully expand a form of voting almost entirely targeted at voters who physically can’t walk into a polling location.

Chris Hollins is telling all Harris County residents that they are eligible for curbside voting when he knows that is not the case. Any voter that does not qualify to vote curbside under narrow statutory language would be voting illegally if allowed to vote drive-through.

The Texas Supreme Court has already held in the context of absentee ballots that a lack of immunity to and fear of COVID-19 is not a disability. It is simply a political maneuver by the Democrat partisan, Chris Hollins, to undermine electoral integrity.

The Republican Party of Texas hopes that the courts will stop Chris Hollins from allowing illegal voting and protect the integrity and fairness of our election process. The Republican Party of Texas will continue to look for every opportunity to promote lawful, fair elections.