Career politician Philip “No Show” Cortez has been a failure every step of his career.

So why would voters in House District 117 want him back representing them in Austin?

The Cortez Record:

San Antonio City Council

• Cortez voted against setting a lower tax rate in 2008. The final tax was lower than the previous year, however, the city council had the opportunity to lower it even more.

• Cortez voted to increase water and electricity rates.

Texas Legislature

o Cortez was absent for 162 votes on the floor of the Texas House.
o Cortez was absent for votes on 46 items of legislation during committee meetings.
o Cortez was either absent or showed up late to 62% of his committee meetings.

• For the 2013 Fiscal Year, Cortez’s legislative office spent $89,945.40. Of the 42 House members who began holding office in January 2013, Cortez was ranked 16th in most amount spent running a legislative office.

• Voted against stopping late-term abortions after 5 months of pregnancy

Cortez’s Character

• Lied about being called up for Air Force Reserve duty so he could lobby for his then fiancé to be appointed to the City Council

• Lied about his education as a City Council candidate