Dear Texas Republican,

House Republican candidate for District 48 Dan Neil is making substantial progress in proving that illegal votes existed in his house race to such an extent that he should be declared the winner but he needs all of our financial support to continue the battle.

On Tuesday, a hearing was commenced by Master of Discovery Rep. Will Hartnett to hear evidence regarding who should be declared the rightful winner of District 48.

Going into the hearing, the Democrat representative Donna Howard ostensibly had a 12-vote lead but the RPT and Dan Neil have maintained since the election that she in fact, did not have a lead when you disqualify the illegal votes and count legally cast votes which the Democrat voting clerk neglected to count, disenfranchising legal voters. Dan Neil’s legal team was able to identify dozens of people who voted in the District 48 election who were not eligible to vote because they live outside of Travis County.

The Neil legal team, led by Donna Davidson, Former State Rep. Joe Nixon, Trey Trainor and Frank Reilly, subpoenaed dozens of voters and 13 of them showed up for the hearing and testified. The testimony revealed that when you subtract out these voters who should not have voted ion this race, Howard’s margin dropped from 12 votes to 5 votes. However, when you disqualify additional Democrat “over” votes, and then add to the count several Republican overseas votes that were not counted when they should have been, the evidence revealed so far indicates that Dan Neil actually won the race by 3 votes.

To solidify their case, the Neil legal team needs to continue to subpoena and present additional witnesses in order to demonstrate that the actual margin of victory for Dan Neil was so large, that Republican House members cannot ignore the travesty that has occurred in his election.

Legal expenses and fees are expected to top $75,000 to complete this effort. The RPT has already sent the Neil campaign $20,000, and plans to send additional money this week but we need everyone to pitch in so that justice is done.

Click here to donate to the Neil campaign.

RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri summed up the appeal this way, “What we are battling for is more than simply increasing our numbers in the house from 101 to 102. We are fighting for the integrity and sanctity of the ballot in our democratic system. We are also fighting to expose voter fraud that has been so prevalent, but unfortunately ignored, for too long. Every citizen has a stake in ensuring that our democratic process is not jeopardized. The RPT is contributing what we can, but this will be a very expensive process and we need everyone to chip in. We all have a stake in this.”

The hearing is expected to continue this week and eventually Rep. Hartnett will make a report to the House special committee of the findings. Ultimately, this contest will be voted upon by the entire House of Representatives. The RPT will continue to keep you informed of this developing situation.