Yes, that’s right. Liberal Democrat groups have filed yet another frivolous lawsuit against the Republican Party of Texas. They have taken a hard look at the new legislative and congressional districts and have decided that they don’t like their odds next November – so they are suing us. Democrats know that they have a better chance of winning in the court house with their liberal trial lawyer friends than at the ballot box with common sense voters who are sick of tax and spend policies.

You may or may not know that the entire process of redistricting is an arduous one that is undertaken by the Texas Legislature. This begs the question, if the Texas Legislature is responsible for drawing lines for new maps then why would Democrats sue the RPT? Partisan politics!

The simple truth is that Texas Democrats and their liberal supporters will do just about anything to cause us to squander our money away on frivolous and unnecessary expenses.They are desperate, and are suing for no other reason than to distract us from electing Republicans and to waste our funds.

In fact, this lawsuit is expected to cost the RPT thousands of dollars, which is why I have established the RPT Defense Fund. The Defense Fund has been set up so that we may raise money to pay our costly legal bills without diminishing our political budget.

As you know, elections are expensive. Obama and his liberal allies are expected to raise $1 billion before next November. We have to be on solid financial footing to combat these and other distracting tactics that the Democrats will be certain to employ leading up to next year’s pivotal elections.

Can I count on your contribution of $100, $75, $50 or even $25 to the RPT Defense Fund? Please click here to give as generously as you can.

Thank you,

Steve Munisteri
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

P.S. The first lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial on September 6th, so please contribute today so that we will have the funds necessary to fight!