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D’rinda Randall

Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair D’rinda Randall.

Through her proven leadership, Dr. Myers reorganized, streamlined, and increased transparency in the Harris County Republican party infrastructure during her first tenure as Vice-Chair while supporting and recruiting additional grassroots volunteers. During this time, Dr. Myers also served as the Regional Director of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT)/Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Voter Engagement Project effort to recruit volunteers from Harris and the seven surrounding counties to register new Republican voters. As part of this statewide effort, many of these volunteers later deployed to battleground districts in Texas during the midterm and general Presidential elections to help with GOTV efforts. This statewide project was responsible for almost 213,000 of the total 318,000 new Republican voter registrations, which managed to be the statistical vote difference to win four critical Texas Republican house seats.

During her second and current term as Vice-Chair of the Harris County Republican Party under Chairman Siegel, Dr. Myers once again helped to build and rebrand the party to increase its community engagement, communication, and voter registration efforts. With her special interest in training, recruitment, and increasing Republican voter turnout, Dr. Myers led an additional effort to recruit, train, and mobilize county and precinct chairs, and volunteers, across Texas using the latest technology.

The new Vice Chair’s goal is to continue to strengthen the party, build the party infrastructure to amplify grassroot voices and goals, support the Chairman, party leadership, and the Republican party legislative priorities and platform.

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