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Candidate Resource Committee

Helping Local-Level Candidates Win

The Candidate Recruitment Committee (CRC) supports Republicans in local-level races, including County Judge, County Commissioner, District Attorney, Sheriff, and more. These are the seats that directly impact the way we live! Help us support Republicans for these important seats, donate now!

The CRC administers the Party Campaign Fund in order to provide support to key Republican candidates within the fund’s limits. The CRC also provides candidates and grassroots educational and campaign tools.

Candidates applying for CRC funding submit a written application. Each applicant must get his/her county chair and/or one of his/her SREC members to send in a separate, confidential referral form. The candidates are then vetted by the CRC at its biannual distribution meeting. The candidates who received CRC support won at a 67% rate in 2014.

We can only do this with the help of people just like you. Each and every dollar donated goes directly to candidates who need the help most. We have a big hill to climb ahead of the 2020 election, so please consider donating today to help candidates win at the local level!

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