Austin, TX, Release: May 11, 2023 — For Immediate Release

Senate Bill 14, which would ban child gender modification, is a top legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas. We must protect Texas children from the left-wing extremists who would chemically castrate and surgically mutilate them for life.

This bill has been scheduled for a vote on the House Floor for the third time on Friday, May 12th. Previously threatened rulings on points of order by Speaker Dade Phelan have prevented it from passing. We cannot allow further delays that jeopardize the passage of this critical legislation into law. Should Speaker Phelan seek to delay or sustain a Democrat point of order against SB 14, we ask every Republican member of the Texas House to appeal the ruling of the chair and vote to pass this legislation immediately. 

Appealing the ruling of the chair requires 10 members to second the motion and a simple majority to vote against the Speaker’s ruling. In a Republican controlled chamber, this should be an easy task. 18 other states have already taken measures to protect children; Texas needs to join them.