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RPT Internship Program

What does an RPT internship look like?

Interns are a vital part of daily activities at the RPT headquarters in downtown Austin. The Party thrives on the assistance of self-motivated, diligent, responsible young people who volunteer their time in exchange for learning Party process, honing office skills, and gaining valuable political experience. Interns work with staff on projects such as engagement, communications, fundraising, data, polling, policy implementation, event planning, and community outreach. Many receive college credit for their work (check with your college).

What is expected of an RPT intern?

As an intern, you will be expected to show up at the office for regular shifts, as planned with your supervisor. Our regular office hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday, and morning and afternoon shifts are available. Weekend and evening events may be scheduled occasionally but are not mandatory for interns. Most interns work from 15-25 hours a week, and we are happy to accommodate school/work schedules.

All RPT staff and interns are expected to provide support to our SREC members and Republican County Chairs and to promote and advance the Party platform and core beliefs.

We will also expect you to be self-motivated and responsible in following through on assigned tasks. These tasks will vary depending on our needs and also depending on where you have been assigned. All interns will take shifts answering phones, and all are expected to participate in data entry and phone calling projects. Interns may be assigned mostly to specific departments, such as Communications, Operations, Accounting, Election Administration, etc. Duties can include working with social media, engagement projects, incoming mail, writing/drafting, and more.

We will also provide mini-lectures and opportunities for you to learn more about process and to advance your skillset.

Who should apply to be an RPT intern?

If you meet all or most of these qualifications, we encourage you to apply:

  • Strongly committed to Republican principles and strongly desire to advance them in Texas
  • Proficient in typing and using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google docs & spreadsheets
  • Skilled at communication
  • Disciplined, responsible, self-motivated
  • Creative at problem-solving
  • Comfortable with technology
  • In college (or college-age — college attendance not required)
  • Some political-related experience (grassroots, previous internships, campaign/legislative work, etc.)
  • Have transportation to downtown Austin
  • Able to commit to at least 10-15 hours per week for at least 2 months
  • Familiar with the RPT platform

How and when can I apply?

You may apply anytime! Most interns’ commitments are for the duration of a school semester, but we are flexible and happy to receive applications at any time. Our application is online, and we appreciate your thoughtful and complete responses to the questions on the form.

Apply Online here

For more information, please email us.

Testimonials from previous RPT interns:

From Mason, Texas State University:

“Interning at the Republican Party of Texas was one of the most rewarding things that could have happened to me this summer. The staff and everyone I came into contact with was eager to help me grow. Through the projects and task I worked on, I felt a part of the team. I learned the fine details and hard work that goes into keeping Texas red. If anyone is interested in learning anything from county-level politics to statewide Republican efforts, they should intern and help out at the Republican Party of Texas.”

From Josh, University of Texas:

“When it came time to apply for summer jobs, I knew I wanted to work in politics, but I wanted to get outside of Capitol life in Austin. The Republican Party of Texas allowed me to gain more experience in communications, event planning, and relationship building. Coming to work every day was enjoyable because the staff was very friendly and helpful when I needed guidance. We had weekly meetings with different staff members to learn more about communications, testifying at the Capitol, and political activity.

“I learned a lot about politics at the state and local level, which allowed me to see the men and women working hard to keep Texas red.  The Republican Party of Texas is a great opportunity to learn more about state politics and do important work in the political sphere.  I would highly recommend applying for an internship if you want to hone in some of your communications skills or if you want to learn more about state party politics.  RPT prepared me to use the skills I learned this summer to be more successful in the future.”

From Marco:

“Throughout many of the conversations I’ve had amongst my friends, I learned of their frustration and disillusion with the underrepresentation of youth in politics. Inspired to defy that notion, I interned at the Republican Party of Texas. In my time with the party, I had the opportunity to engage in discussion with delegates from Mexico, conduct legislative research, and lead efforts in an outreach projects, among many other things. Most importantly, I discovered that young people like myself can not only find their place in politics, but also create change within it.”

From Leonardo:

“As a Hispanic, I was nervous to come and work with the Republican Party due to the latest comments about them being “discriminant” to the Latino population. However, those gossips were totally false. They welcomed and helped me to incorporate to this united team. I have worked in a healthy, political environment analyzing and planning events, as well as learning and discussing legislative and statewide issues to promote a better Texas for your future.”

Apply now for an RPT internship!  

What is the Republican Party of Texas?

The Republican Party of Texas (“RPT”) is comprised of millions of Republican voters across the State of Texas and exists to promote a conservative philosophy of government. The Party’s leadership includes a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a board of directors elected every two years by Republican delegates called the State Republican Executive Committee. Delegates also codify our Party’s beliefs and legislative goals into a platform and determine our Rules by which we operate. Across Texas, more and more citizens from all walks of life are identifying themselves with the Republican Party’s values and ideals. Today, Texas is the largest solidly Republican state in America and as goes Texas, so goes the nation.

The RPT’s Mission:

  • To promote a conservative philosophy of government:
  • By promoting conservative principles; and
  • By providing the infrastructure through which those who share our conservative principles can get involved in the political process, run for and be elected to public office, and govern according to our principles when elected.

Read our Rules, Platform and Bylaws to learn more.

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