Austin, TX, Release: December 4, 2023 — For Immediate Release

The Republican Party of Texas passed the following Resolutions supporting Israel, condemning anti-Semitism, censuring Rep. Andrew Murr and honoring the life of Grace Peterson at their December 2 fourth quarter 2023 meeting. All resolutions passed unanimously. 

Chairman Matt Rinaldi stated, “Texas Republicans unanimously passed two resolutions supporting Israel and condemning anti-Semitism on the same day Texas Democrats unanimously passed a resolution siding with Hamas. This is not surprising, considering Democrats elect and celebrate Hamas sympathizers like Rashida Tlaib and remain silent on the rampant anti-Semitism in their party that has reared its ugly head on college campuses and in protests across the nation. Republicans stand with Israel and our Jewish citizens.”

A Resolution Affirming the Commitment of the Republican Party of Texas to Combatting Anti-Semitism and to Supporting Our Honorable U.S. Military Members and Texas Military Heroes which states in part “The Republican Party of Texas hereby … reaffirms our commitment by denouncing all forms of anti-Semitism and violence against Israel, Israeli Americans, Jewish Americans, and supporters of Israel”

Resolution Supporting Israel’s Right to Exist, Advocating the Destruction of Hamas, and Mourning the Innocent Who Were Murdered which states in part “the Republican Party of Texas rejects one-sided calls for ceasefire or de-escalation, such as those issued by many Democratic members of Congress, the Biden Administration’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Administration’s Palestinian Affairs Office, and the Texas Democratic Party…” and “the Republican Party of Texas condemns organizations such as the Democratic Socialists of America, and other entities, officials, and activists who refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist or Israel’s right to defend her people.”

Resolution Censuring Representative Andrew Murr by the Republican Party of Texas which states in part “the State Republican Executive Committee concurs with the violations of Republican Party of Texas Principles and Legislative Priorities stated in the resolution of censure passed by the Medina County Republican Party and restated in this resolution; and be it further resolved that the Republican Party of Texas imposes both penalties identified in Rule 44 on Representative Andrew Murr”

Resolution Honoring Elizabeth Grace Petersen, states in part “the Republican Party of Texas expresses our deepest condolences to Elizabeth Grace Petersen’s children and entire family, to her dear friends throughout Texas, and to the countless people who were privileged to know, learn from, and be motivated by Grace in this life: may the Lord bless her children and keep them in the strong faith of their mother”