Austin, TX, Release: July 6, 2022 — For Immediate Release

The Republican Party of Texas released its 2022 platform today. The final platform is the culmination of work by grassroots delegates who are the lifeblood of the Texas Republican Party. The 2022 platform adopted all planks presented in the Committee Report at the statewide convention, plus 2 planks presented on the floor of the convention.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi said “Our platform, taken as a whole, shows that the GOP is, above all, a party of parents, families, and working Americans dedicated to preserving the American dream for our children. I would like to thank the delegates and platform committee members who have put in countless hours to produce this platform.

The 2022 Platform contains 274 planks, which was streamlined from 337 planks in 2020. The platform process begins at the precinct level where grassroots delegates introduce resolutions and planks which are passed to the Senate or County District Convention. They are again voted on by that body, and if passed, continue up the chain to the platform committee at the state convention. The platform committee reviews every passed plank, hears public testimony, and further amends the platform. Members of the Platform Committee are chosen at their Senate or County District Convention. Finally, the platform committee presents a draft document to the entire State Convention, and delegates are given the opportunity to vote yes or no on each individual plank.