Photo of Chairman Allen West

Austin, TX, Release: August 17, 2020. For Immediate Release

Chairman West praised Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s defense of historical monuments and the Republican Party’s record against racism. Below is Chairman West’s statement:

“I fully support Texas Lt.Gov. Patrick’s letter to the Texas Senate Democrat Party caucus. History exists for us to learn from, not destroy based upon some deranged ideological agenda. Perhaps the Democrats in Texas prefer us not knowing that they have historically been the purveyors of systemic racism in Texas, and across America.

The Republican Party of Texas was founded by 150 Black men, and one of its earliest Chairmen was Norris Wright Cuney, a free Black businessman. I wonder if the Texas Democrat Party would approve a statue in his honor? Remember it was the woke cancel culture mob that tore down the statue of Frederick Douglass…that tells me all I need to know.

Oh yeah, Frederick Douglass was a Republican.”

Everyone should take the time to read Lt. Gov. Patrick’s letter. It is a full-throated defense of history and decency.