Dear Texas Republicans,

It’s been a week full of action, as you’ll see below. I’ve visited with Republicans from Austin to El Paso, our field team participated in a national day of action and logged over 12,000 door knocks, and we are preparing to open convention registration to all delegates, alternates, and guests this Wednesday.

This coming week is also one that I hope will be full of action — actions of service and care in our communities. Today kicks off the RPTServes week of action and I encourage you to participate. Look through our list of events to see what you can join in your area. If there’s nothing yet listed, you can volunteer to lead a project. Let’s all be particularly mindful of ways we can give back to our communities and serve the hurting this week!

People & Places

Since last week’s update focused on the SREC meeting, I have a lot to report regarding my activities in the past couple of weeks!

As I hope you’ve seen, our Senator Ted Cruz has been kicking off his re-election campaign with a series of events all across Texas! I was glad to join him in Austin for one of these events and am am thrilled at the great response he’s receiving. I, too, am eager to send him back to DC to represent us because of the strong stands he’s made for our principles of limited government and personal responsibility. I was fortunate at his event to see him and also both Rep. Tony Dale and Jan Duncan SD-14 (pictured).

Our annual Spring Legislative Dinner was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of many!  I appreciate all of our statewide elected officials who were able to attend and address the crowd — Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Commissioners Wayne Christian, Christi Craddick, Sid Miller, and Ryan Sitton. I especially appreciate the kind remarks of Governor Abbott in praising the great work that the Party has done in raising money, advancing conservative policy, and electing Republicans.

Last week I spent a couple of days in El Paso, where County Chair Adolpho Telles graciously hosted a well-attended event along with SREC members Lisa Sprinkle and Mark Dunham (SD-29) that included the El Paso County Executive Committee, the West El Paso Republican Women’s Group, the Greater El Paso Women’s Group, and the UTEP College Republicans. We also held a press conference where I was joined by Adryana Aldeen to communicate particularly to the Hispanic community the value of Republican principles. I’ve visited Juarez, Laredo, Nogales and Tijuana many times over the last 40 years and I’m heartbroken at the shocking difference I see between Texas’ and Mexico’s border areas today. It is crystal clear how much better life is for everyone on this side of the border thanks to the implementation of our conservative principles.

Last weekend provided the opportunity to join several of our close partners at their events. I attended the Travis County GOP Reagan Dinner, where I saw Congressman Lamar Smith, Governor Greg Abbott, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Supreme Court Justices Jimmy Blacklock, John Devine and Phil Johnson, Senators Dawn Buckingham and Donna Campbell, Representative Paul Workman, Jack Barcroft SD-24, County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, County Chair Matt Mackowiak and Jan Duncan SD-14 (pictured).

On Saturday I spoke at the Texas Federation of College Republicans’ Convention and had lunch with the board of the Texas Federation of Republican Women at their quarterly meeting in Austin. I’d like to give a special shoutout to our hard working college students who fight back against the liberal worldview so prevalent in higher education. They’re an important part of our present as well as the future of our Party; let’s do all we can to encourage them.

Report from the Field

Last Saturday, April 14, was declared a National Day of Action by the Republican National Committee toward efforts for Victory 2018, and our field team delivered. Working in tandem with Governor Abbott’s field team, on that one day alone they knocked on 12,087 doors statewide and trained over 288 new volunteers. I’m so grateful for their long hours of preparation in order to achieve these results.

I hope you’re as proud as I am of the field team’s heroic efforts and I’m confident there will be a huge return on their investment. The volunteers that they brought in and the exposure that their work is gaining — all of that will most certainly pay off to help us accomplish even more in the months to come.

Join me in giving them a hand for everything they do to make the Republican Party of Texas a success and to ensure that we win our all-important general election victories this November! Follow them on Twitter so you can see their work:

Major announcement: we are opening registration for the state convention this Wednesday, April 18! Watch your inbox for an email announcement and instructions. When you complete the online registration, you’ll be able to purchase your tickets for our special events and to reserve a hotel room (on a first-come, first-served basis). Grassroots Club members have a head start — if you’re a current GRC member you should have already received your registration link today.

If you have questions regarding convention registration, hotels, or special events, please contact 512-477-9821 (DO NOT reply to this email). Please be aware that staff is receiving an extremely high volume of requests and is working overtime to respond to all of them in a timely manner.

Today, we announced and posted on our website the names and contact info of those who will be serving on temporary committees and as temporary caucus chairs in San Antonio. You can view those here.

If you wish to obtain State convention delegate lists, RPT Rule 32 provides several options:

  1. You may obtain records from a single county or SD convention by contacting the permanent convention chair. The Permanent Chair is required to make those lists available for inspection and copying during office hours, at a charge not to exceed $1.00 per page, or by electronic means when such method is available at a charge not to exceed $10.00. Click here to view a partial listing of permanent SD or county convention chairs.

  2. All Republican Party of Texas party officeholders, candidates for party office, State Convention Caucus Chairs, Committee Chairs, and State Convention temporary caucus chairs may obtain from RPT a list of delegates and alternates including phone numbers. Send an email with your request.

  3. Any current delegate or alternate to State convention or any Republican officeholder or candidate for Party or public office or Party County Chairman may obtain from RPT a list of delegates and alternates including phone numbers for a fee of $25 per $1,000.  Fill out this form and return it to

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Coming Up Next

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James Dickey

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