RPT Chairman LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)

The ‘Woke’ Fascist Corporate Oligarchs

Greetings, everyone! I pray that y’all had a wonderful and Happy Resurrection Day. Let us never forget that the foundational premise of our Judeo-Christian faith heritage is salvation and eternal life through the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At a time when we all could use real hope, never forget that restoration, redemption, and reconciliation only come from one source: Christ’s resurrection. He woke, rose, and redeemed us all.

Speaking of “woke,” it appears that there is a new class of elites that believe they are endowed with a right to dictate our values. Yes, I am talking about this new ‘woke’ fascist corporate oligarchy who believe they can demand we surrender our constitutional principles. The latest kerfuffle emanates from the response of sovereign states to the dubious HR 1 “For the People Act” and strengthening of their election integrity laws.

HR 1 would be better classified as the “For the Corrupt Politicians Act.” There can be no debate that there were unconstitutional actions surrounding the November 2020 election cycle. Namely, Governors, SecStates, and judges are not granted the enumerated power to make, change, or amend laws, yes, election law — yet that is what happened.

The progressive socialist left wants to codify those unconstitutional actions of 2020 into “law” now, with HR 1 . . . an unconstitutional federal usurpation of elections.

We have discussed HR 1 previously and its dangerous agenda, including no voter ID nationally. But, what the leftists are once again harping upon is that anyone opposing HR 1 is a racist, including yours truly. And, please, stop with the foolishness about Georgia’s new election law prevents people from having food and water. Democrats use this ploy as a means of electioneering, which is illegal. Any voter can bring food and drink with them into an election line, but organizations are not allowed to pass these items out.

Please, stop with the foolishness about GA's new election law preventing people from having food/water. .@TheDemocrats use this ploy as a means of electioneering, which is illegal — @AllenWest's Monday Message 4.5.21 Click To Tweet

So, now we have these corporations chiming in on a matter they do not seem to comprehend, and attempting to coerce states into submission, particularly in Georgia and Texas. The left knows this, they pushed the limit in 2020. And, if states pass strong election integrity laws, HR 1 is meaningless, because the federal government does not possess the constitutionally enumerated powers to mandate election policy. That, as articulated in the 10th amendment, is reserved to the states and the people.

So, what are the so-called woke fascist corporate oligarchs talking about?

I find it unconscionable and quite hypocritical that American and Delta Airlines are complaining about states passing election integrity laws. After all, don’t we all have to present a photo ID in order to fly on these airlines? Dang it, I guess they are racist? Why do Delta and America not extend boarding times for blacks? Maybe that whole “no-fly list” thing is just a piece of white supremacy, after all, we do not need to review voter registration rolls.

I find it hypocritical that @AmericanAir & @Delta are complaining about states passing election integrity laws. Don't we all have to present a photo ID in order to fly on these airlines? — @AllenWest's Monday Message 4.5.21 Click To Tweet

Then there are the social media fascist corporate oligarchs who now are the arbiters of speech. For them there is no such thing as free speech, only leftist accepted speech, heck, even former President Trump is not allowed to be spoken of on Fascistbook. Oh, by the way, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dumped millions of dollars into Texas to support leftist get-out-the-vote efforts. Now, I have no issue with that, except his donations went directly to the Harris County elections office. As well, Zuckerberg has purchased voting machines for Webb County (Laredo) Texas. We in Texas know that ol’ Uncle George Soros funded several major County District Attorney races and his leftist acolytes in Dallas and Harris Counties are busy releasing criminals back onto the streets.

Last year we had to endure — well I didn’t — the woke NBA with their “Black Lives Matter” slogan on the basketball courts. Was there any wonder that last year were the worst ratings for the NBA? Yeah, we just wanna watch basketball, not be forced to look at Marxist organizational propaganda. This year, we have the MLB saying that they are moving the All-Star Game out of my birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, it is all because Georgia does not want to allow insidious leftist electoral practices like universal mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting. No baseball for me this year. As a kid, I sold Cokes at the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium for Braves baseball games and remember Hank Aaron Jr. blasting 715 off of LA Dodgers pitcher Al Downing. I loved baseball . . . when it was about baseball.

It appears that the NCAA is fine with gender dysphoric biological males competing against biological females. This was a consideration South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem pondered as she was concerned about NCAA retribution and lawsuits against her state. Does that mean the “woke” fascist corporate oligarch calling itself the NCAA is more important than the principles and values of South Dakota citizens?

Kohl’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and a number of other retail outlets stopped selling MyPillow, because Mike Lindell wasn’t woke. When does it all stop?

The really funny aspect of all this is that these “woke” fascist corporate oligarchs flee failing leftist states due to their failed economic policies. They move into strong, fiscally well-run conservative states, and then act “woke.” My question is, why not just stay in those failing blue states where you can have all the voter fraud you want? Now, that is true voter suppression.

Why do these corporations act like locusts by leaving failed states, and then want to ensure the same failed ideology is enacted in states like Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas? Just stay in California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey and endure the consequences of electing progressive socialists.

Nah, they want to move into our conservative states and enable the Party of the Jackass to have electoral gain. You know, the Party that is about to raise the corporate tax rate in order to give out more free stuff, to include illegal immigrants as well. Maybe it is time we end the practice of corporate welfare and “sweeteners,” at the taxpayer expense, to lure these “woke” fascist corporate oligarchs into our conservative states. If these CEOs want social justice — which means leftist equality of outcomes — then stay in a state like California, where they will tell you what the diversity and inclusion composition of your Board of Directors must be.

I am looking forward to not presenting an ID on my next @AmericanAir or @Delta flight. Heck, if I don't need an ID to vote, then I don't need an ID to fly. — @AllenWest's Monday Message 4.5.21 Click To Tweet

As for me, well, I am looking forward to not presenting an ID on my next American or Delta airlines flight. Heck, if I don’t need an ID to vote, then I don’t need an ID to fly. 

Here is the question we really need to consider: when did these fascist corporate oligarchs come to believe they are in control in Texas, or in America? We didn’t elect them. They only exist in the free market economic system to provide us goods and services, not coerce us into accepting their ideological agenda.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

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