This morning as she announced her candidacy for Governor of Texas, Lupe Valdez was not at all clear on whether she was fully resigning from her position as Sheriff of Dallas County. A video and transcript of her response can be found below. The law does make it clear though. She has declared her candidacy and therefore has resigned and should be replaced.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman sent the Dallas County Commissioners Court a letter asking them to immediately take steps to find a replacement sheriff. The press release and a copy of that letter can be found here:

RPT Chairman James Dickey issued the following statement:

“The safety and security of Dallas County residents must not be undermined. Last week, I sent a letter to the Dallas County Commissioners Court indicating they should take immediate and appropriate steps to replace Lupe Valdez given the sheriff’s public statements she was pursuing a run for Governor. Now that she has officially filed her candidacy, she has vacated her office and a qualified replacement should be found and installed as soon as possible.

“The citizens of Dallas County deserve absolute clarity on who they have for a Sheriff, and they should have the undivided attention of the person receiving the paycheck for that job.”

Full transcript from Lupe Valdez’s announcement for Governor today:

“Unfortunately, unfortunately, I am still the… fortunately, I am still the Sheriff of Dallas County until… –– I have resigned, I have resigned this morning. And until an appropriate person who has good management takes over, I am still there. I have a flight to catch and you what––they don’t wait for anybody.”