The Republican Party continues to expand its strength in deep East Texas!  Last week, in Sabine County an event was held to mark the announcement that 4 local elected Democrats have joined the Republican Party. The event was held at Shelby Savings Bank in Hemphill, TX on Wednesday afternoon in a ceremony attended by the new Republican elected officials, State Senator Robert Nichols and staff, members from the offices of Representative Wayne Christian and SREC District 3 Committeewoman Dianne Caron.

Joining the Republican Party include County Judge Charles Watson, County Sheriff Tom Maddox, County Commissioner Pct.1 Keith Clark and Justice of the Peace Pct.2 James Brasher.

The following is a joint statement from the four new Republican Sabine County officials – ” Like the citizens of Sabine County, our values and principles have not changed. We have always been fiscal and social conservatives and will continue to hold true to those principles. However, the national political parties have changed dramatically, and now those conservative principles are more aligned with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. We will continue to serve the citizens of Sabine County as we always have with dedication and compassion, but we can no longer support the National Democratic Party's policies. We can not compromise our values and principles and properly represent the citizens of Sabine County”

Sabine County Republican Chairman, Les Kercheval stated, “We are so proud of these public officials who have shown the courage of their convictions in joining the Republican Party. Their views, values and principles have not changed, the parties have changed and their conservative principles are more in align with the conservative principles of the New Republican Party. The vast majority of Sabine County residents hold these same strong conservative values and believe in local control of our lives and our community.'

State Representative Wayne Christian said, "I'm excited to welcome these county officials as my fellow Republicans. Their courageous decision simply underscores the reality that the Democratic party no longer represents what East Texans believe or what they want from their government. I am proud of the outstanding work of  Les Kercheval, Sabine County Chair, and the members of the Sabine County Republican Party. They are doing a great job of communicating the values and principles of the Republican Party to the local community and offering support to conservative candidates as an organization that stands for the same things as they do."

Governor Rick Perry congratulated the Sabine County officials saying “Today's announcement reflects a growing tide of elected officials who recognize the policies and principles of the Republican Party represent the majority of Texans they represent. I want to welcome these fine public officials from Sabine County to the Republican Party and look forward to working with them to continue making Texas even stronger.”