This is a historic day for those who support life and the health of women. At 9:30 this morning Governor Perry signed HB2 into law, raising the health and operating standards for all abortion centers in Texas and restricting abortions past 5 months of gestation. This marks a huge victory for the supporters of HB2 who have been standing by our Senators and Representatives for passage of this bill through two special sessions.

Thank you Representative Laubenberg and Senator Hegar for carrying the bills in the House and Senate and thank you Governor Perry for signing it into law today.

Democrat Senator Wendy Davis attempted to stifle the Legislature’s progress in passing SB5 in the first special session with her filibuster on the final day of the session. Her actions only made Republicans more determined. Thousands of pro-life and women's health advocates traveled to the Capitol in full force during the second special session to testify and rally for HB2. Click here to read the final text of HB2 that Governor Perry signed into law today. In case you missed some of the action in the Texas Legislature over the past few weeks click here for recent news from the RPT.

Regarding the remainder of the special session, the State House will meet today to consider transportation funding. Since the Senate has already passed a different transportation funding bill, hurdles still remain to find an agreement between the House and Senate versions. If passed, the measure would send a proposed Constitutional amendment to the voters in November. Click here for more details regarding this bill.