Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sam Pohl,

In Desperate Move, Democrats Put Forth Candidate Already Rejected by Texas Voters
Ignore and Disenfranchise Hispanic Vote in Texas

AUSTIN, TX – A clear pattern is emerging in leftist political circles across the country – get rejected in one election, move on to another, and keep your fingers crossed. Patterns aside, spit balls rarely stick to dart boards. One thing is certain, Texas voters are too sharp to be tricked by Democrat leaders’ efforts to repackage a candidate who doesn’t hold Texas values. As it turns out, New York Senator Chuck Schumer has found his liberal Senate challenger to Senator John Cornyn in MJ “Hollywood” Hegar. An odd choice? Perhaps.

Chuck Schumer used his power to push aside Congressman Joaquin Castro, a rising Texas Latino star who seems like a more inclusive candidate for a Democratic Senate bid in Texas. Liberals seem to have little actual appetite for practicing the inclusion they preach.

“Chuck Schumer has demonstrated that his party has little to no regard for the power of the Hispanic vote, especially in Texas. Pitting Hegar against one of their own, Rep. Joaquin Castro, supposedly a coveted young star within the Democratic party, who has all but made it clear he intends to mount a bid for the Texas Senate, is an obvious affront to Texas voters,” said Alma Jackson, Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. “Puppet master Chuck Schumer is up to his old schemes again, sabotaging members of his own party and rejecting a vibrant Hispanic community in Texas at the same time.”  

Beyond Schumer’s awkward plot to hand pick his Senate Democratic favorite, there are no Hispanic Texans featured in Hegar’s three and-a-half minute video to announce her candidacy. It’s another example of how leftist elites lack respect for the Hispanic community and discount the value  of the Latino vote in a state where Latino’s are becoming increasingly politically engaged. Many Texas Hispanic families share Senator John Cornyn’s conservative values and support policies that will continue to make Texas one of the best places in the country to live, work, and raise a family.

During the death throes of her race for the 31st Congressional District in Texas, Hegar raised $1.9 million. Of which, only 17.8% of the itemized donations came from Texas.

The vast majority of her donations came from California, New York, and Massachusetts. An alarming statistic for most Texans.

“Texans are diverse and deserve a better candidate than Hegar,” Jackson said. “We look forward to Texas voters reminding Chuck Schumer that his puppet games won’t work in Texas. The people of the Lone Star State, not New York or California, will have the final say in Texas.”

Alma Perez Jackson is the Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and a longtime activist from Bexar County. A native of San Antonio, she was elected State Republican Executive Committeewoman for Senate District 26. Jackson has a long record of engaging minorities and spreading the message of how Republican values benefit all.