Did you realize that voting has already begun for the November General Election?

All around the state, ballots are being mailed to absentee voters who have made their requests and even though we are still several weeks away from November 6th – the first votes are already being cast in this critical election.

Sign Up Online To Volunteer for the Texas Trailblazers

We need all hands on deck in these final months before elections to help push our Republican candidates to victory. Democrats like Paul Sadler, Pete Gallego, Nick Lampson and Wendy Davis are counting on our base to grow lazy and complacent with Mitt Romney's lead over Barack Obama in Texas.

Its time to show how wrong they are. Texas Republicans have demonstrated time and again the power of grassroots campaign efforts to change the course of our elections, and you are needed to help us keep up the fight through November. We need volunteers for block walking and phone banks, so sign up now to volunteer to take back America this November. Your efforts will help to keep our political plan on track for this vital election. Our online volunteer sign up form also lets you answer the call for volunteers who can travel outside of your home area to take part in coordinated strike forces in our most critical Texas races.

In 2010, RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri launched the Texas Trailblazer program and a series of statewide blockwalking and phone bank programs on three consecutive weekends going into that historic election. But Trailblazer volunteers went even further and coordinated with campaigns to keep up voter contact and GOTV efforts on a daily basis throughout the critical last weeks of the election.

Sign Up Online To Volunteer for the Texas Trailblazers

In 2012, the Republican Party of Texas and Victory 2012 are reactivating the Trailblazer network and plugging in thousands of dedicated activists like you, directly into the targeted races and campaigns that need our help! This year we will have three super weekends: October 20-21st, October 27-28th, and November 3-4th.

If you or anyone else you know is interested in volunteering for our ongoing Texas Victory efforts please visit our Victory website for locations and contacts near you that are phone banking for targeted races every day of the week! We have set up five regional centers across the state: Central Harris County (based out of Harris County Republican headquarters), an east Harris County center in Pasadena, the San Antonio / Bexar County center, the South Texas Victory Center in Portland near Corpus Christi, and the North Texas Victory Center in Arlington!

By becoming a Texas Trailblazer, you can step forward and be connected directly with our GOP nominees to help make the difference for Republican victory this November.The Democrats are working tirelessly to try and boost their overall numbers. Help us protect our Republican gains and take a stand against them by signing up to volunteer today!