In Committee this week:

RPT-Designated Priority Bills:

• House Appropriations unanimously passed the House budget out of committee on Tuesday.

• HB 910—the open-carry bill—has passed out of the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety.

• Several bills were heard in the Senate Education Committee relating to school choice. Dr. Robin Armstrong, RNC Committeeman for Texas, testified on behalf of the RPT on this issue.

• SB 10 (relating to the Public Integrity Unit) has been placed on the intent calendar in the Senate. RPT supports the transfer of the PIU from the Travis County DA’s office to an impartial state-wide office.

• HB 1960 (relating to the Public Integrity Unit) was heard in the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee.

On the Floor this week

RPT-Designated Priority Bills:

• SB1 (relating to taxpayer relief) passed overwhelmingly on the floor of the Senate.

• SB 8 (increasing the franchise tax exemption) has passed on the floor of the Senate.


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