Friday, September 14, 2018

Sam Pohl, 512.879.4060


AUSTIN, TX – Yesterday, the Republican Party of Texas filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) against Justin Nelson, who swore, under penalty of perjury, that he accepted contributions from labor unions in violation of Texas law. In addition, Mr. Nelson failed to report what goods or services multiple donors provided his campaign, also in violation of Texas law. Violations of these laws carry potential civil and criminal penalties.

“It was brought to our attention today that, upon receiving news of RPT’s TEC complaint against his campaign finance report, Democrat Attorney General candidate Justin Nelson filed an amended report on the serious – and potentially criminal – issues we brought forward. Clearly, Justin Nelson needs the Republican Party of Texas to double check his work. It’s a shame that Justin Nelson didn’t know a good lawyer who understood Texas law well enough to ensure his original filing wasn’t illegal. Justin Nelson is too careless for Texas,” said RPT Chairman James Dickey. “This is precisely why we need to re-elect our sitting Attorney General Ken Paxton who knows the law, surrounds himself with the best and brightest, and wisely leads the fight for our freedom and liberties.”