Monday, April 18, 2016

Austin- “Texas is leading the fight today against President Obama’s Executive amnesty order in the U.S. Supreme Court that would give 4 million illegal immigrants legal status. Through our platform Texas Republicans have made it clear that we oppose amnesty in any form and this over-reaching by Obama is completely unacceptable. I know you are praying along with me that the Supreme Court Justices get it right and stop Obama from over-reaching and ignoring the country’s immigration laws.

In the case being argued today, the United States v. Texas, Texas and 25 other states sued to block Obama’s executive order as an abuse of power. Because Obama knew Congress would never approve amnesty, he simply ignored them. Once again, Obama has ignored the Constitution. The bottom line is that as a sovereign country, our border must be secure. Making the border secure is a priority in Texas and we must make it the national priority as well.”