AUSTIN – Today we learned that initial jobless claims jumped to 500,000. That’s a half million American families who are struggling to make ends meet in Obama’s flagging economy, on top of the millions who remain out of work, and those who have simply given up on finding a job in this economy. The jobless numbers mean that contrary to the Democrats’ “Summer of Recovery” rhetoric, Americans have in fact endured a summer of struggle.”

The Obama Democrats spent nearly a trillion dollars of your money – roughly five years’ worth of the entire Texas state budget – yet unemployment continues to rise across the nation,” said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. “Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will want us investigated for saying that we have always opposed the Democrats’ government-centered economic policies, but it’s clear now as it was clear when the Democrats rammed their bloated, pork-laden stimulus bill through Congress – Obama’s economic policies are an expensive, irresponsible failure.

“Republicans believe in unleashing the American spirit through free enterprise. It’s clear that the Democrats both in Texas and in Washington hold to a very different vision, and that their vision will not get America out of the recession and back to work. They should follow Texas’ lead, keep the tax burden on families and businesses as low possible, and exercise fiscal discipline. As even Democratic state Rep. Aaron Pena noted this week, the fact that 1,200 Americans move to Texas every day from other states says that we’re doing something right here. That something is conservative governance under proven Republican leadership that puts Texans’ initiative and wisdom at the heart of our state’s economy.”

Link: US Department of Labor.