In concert with the 50 state plan of the Republican National Committee (RNC), The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) is excited to announce plans for an aggressive field program to directly assist our county chairs in building their precinct organizations, and our auxiliary organizations with their voter engagement efforts. It has been a long term goal of RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri to implement a year round Victory campaign to register new Republicans moving to Texas and to communicate directly with all Texas voters to spread the Republican message that limited government intrusion results in better business and stronger families. More importantly, we look forward to the opportunity to illustrate that this mantra has resulted in Texas leading the nation in job creation.

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The Republican Party of Texas has not, in recent history, had the resources to implement such a campaign. We are proud that finally we will have the resources to help our county chairs recruit effective precinct chairmen and directly communicate with voters. To accomplish these goals the Republican Party of Texas in partnership with the RNC will operate 8 Grassroots Engagement Centers around the state. Each center will be assigned full time field and engagement staff and will be located in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, the Valley and El Paso, in addition to the Austin Texas GOP Headquarters. The first four offices will open this summer with remaining offices opening next year.

JacksonLeading these efforts will be John Jackson, who will serve as RNC Victory Director for Texas. John Jackson, a native of Waco, Texas has over 10 years experience in Republican politics. John attended both Southern Methodist University in Dallas and Texas A&M in College Station. While at Texas A&M he was elected Chairman of the College Republicans.

After college, John began his political career as a field director for Van Taylor’s congressional campaign. John ran several campaigns at varying levels of government including delegate, State Representative, State Senate, Congress, and US Senate in Texas, Virginia, Tennessee and North Dakota. In addition, John served as Political Director for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s 2010 re-election campaign where the candidate won with 62% of the vote.

John previously served as Director of Special Projects for the Republican Party of Texas where he oversaw three Victory Centers for the 2012 election. Volunteers at the Victory Centers made over 2 million phone calls and were instrumental in the Party’s ability to set another record and increase its number of elected officials by over 300. Additionally, John helped to set the Party’s legislative agenda for the 83rd Legislative Session. As Texas Victory Director for the RNC he is now working to overhaul the Party’s comprehensive voter identification program and is working with the grassroots, third-party vendors and the Republican National Committee to ensure that Texas stays a solidly Republican state.

The Republican Party of Texas will announce next month the first group of Field Representatives and Engagement Staff to be hired to support this effort.

CornynNone of this would be possible without the support of our donors and the RNC, who are investing in our statewide engagement efforts. A special thanks goes to Senator John Cornyn who recently donated $15,000 to the effort. We continue to be appreciative of our elected officials who recognize the value in supporting a strong Republican infrastructure in Texas.

Chairman Munisteri stated of these developments, “I am very excited and appreciative of the decision of the RNC to partner with the RPT to insure Texas remains fully in the Republican column. When I started running for State Chairman almost 4 years ago, I specifically advocated for the party to operate year round campaign offices across the state as opposed to opening centers a few months prior to the election and closing them immediately afterwards, as has happened in the past.

These centers will allow us to build a permanent infrastructure down to the block level which will facilitate our being able to identify, register, and persuade registered voters. I would like to thank Chairman Priebus for his forward thinking and his vision as well as our county chairs who have agreed to join us in this endeavor.”

“We’re building the most expansive field program the GOP has ever seen, and we’re doing it earlier than ever before,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Republicans have never made this kind of investment in an off year. The RNC will be in communities engaging with and listening to voters where they live, work, and worship–not months, but years before Election Day. Our State Directors will play key roles in building a permanent field operation to be successful in elections this year, in 2014, in 2016, and beyond.”

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