Greetings from Borah Van Dormolen, National Committeewoman, Texas 

The following is a report from the Republican National Committee summer meeting in Tampa, Florida – August 3 – 6, 2011

Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen, Committeeman and RNC General Counsel Bill Crocker and his wife Donna, SREC Committeeman SD 31 and Proxy for Chairman Munisteri Jason Moore and Republican Party Chairman of Bexar County Curt Nelson represented Texas at the RNC summer meeting in Tampa Florida.  Tampa will be the site of the GOP 2012 National Convention scheduled for the week of August 27th, 2012.

Jason Moore, Borah Van Dormolen and Bill Crocker.  Not pictured Curt Nelson

The RNC has made great strides in getting it's house in order financially.  Ambassador Ron Weiser is serving as the national Finance Chairman and Angela Meyers serves as the Finance Director.  RNC Treasurer Tony Parker was extremely pleased with the revamping of the budget into a readable and working albeit aggressive budget.  Cost of fundraising has dropped from 62% to 49% with innovative programs attempting to drop this even further.   The positive attitude was refreshing and the common sense goal of defining success as not in how much you raise but how wisely you spend it for Republican Victories. 

Rules Committee discussion reference states in violation of Rule 15b continued with no definitive resolution.  There is a very strong push to enforce the rule of cutting a delegation in half and additional punishments in priority of housing, decrease in VIP passes, and location of seating in the Convention hall.  Florida, Arizona, and Colorado are still considering moving their presidential nominations primaries up.  Chairman Priebus plans to make sure that the rules are followed.

The RNC Committee on Presidential Debates sanctioned 3 with two pending Presidential Debates.  The currently sanctioned debates are Iowa on August 11th, Nevada on Oct 18th and Michigan on November 9th.  The two other debates are pending.  Sanctioning by the committee helps with ensuring participation of all of the qualifying candidates.

Resolution Committee began with a very informative debate on the issue of the National Popular vote vs. the Electoral College.  The resolution opposing the "National Popular Vote Compact" was then accepted by the committee and was approved by the Republican National Committee members in general session by every member present but one who voted present instead of yes. 

Click here: RNC stomps Electoral College switch – Washington Times 

5 additional resolutions were accepted and passed by the RNC members. 

  1. Resolution to stop making America pay for President Obama's energy agenda.
  2. Resolution concerning protecting American sovereignty and defending individual second amendment rights from United Nations interference. 
  3. Foreign decisions resolution. 
  4. Resolution concerning freedom from communist China's internet threats. 
  5. Resolution in support of Israel's present borders.

Southern Regional Breakfast included updates from each Southern Region State and election of two of our members for the Committee on Contests.  The Committee on Contests receives contests related to a state's at-large delegates as well as contests related to district delegates arising out of alleged illegal irregularities or illegal activities at the state convention or by the state committee.  For slot 1: Jeanne Lucky NCW from MS and for slot 2: Doyle Webb NCM from AR.

The RNC lunch speakers included Bobby Jindal, Louisiana and Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin.

Gov. Bobby Jindal – Gov. Scott Walker

Host Committee Receptions and tours.  We began the week with a wonderful reception by the Convention Host Committee.  To welcome us to Tampa was a solid roster of state and local officials including Gov. Rick Scott, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, state Chief financial Officer Jeff Atwater, former Gov. Bob Martinez and the Mayors from Clearwater and Tampa.  St. Petersburg mayor was unable to attend due to a prior engagement.  On Thursday we had a tour of the St. Pete Times Forum and dinner honoring former RNC chairman with John Fund, Author as the Keynote speaker.  Former RNC Chairmen included Frank Fahrenkoph (1983 – 1989), Clayton Yeutter (1991 – 1992), Jim Gilmore (2001 – 2002), and Mike Duncan (2007 – 2009).  On Friday there was a driving tour of Tampa Bay followed by a reception at the Tampa Museum of Art with Key Note speaker Allen West (FL-22) concluding with a summer meeting late night with refreshments, entertainment  and dancing at Stumps Bar at Channelside Bay Plaza. 

St Pete's Times Forum – Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll with Jason, Borah and Heidi Smith, NCW, NV.

Borah with Author John Fund.

Regional Leadership Conferences:  For more information log on to the websites below.  Each event has an early bird registration special. 

2012 Republican National Convention, 27 – 30 August, Tampa Bay, Florida.  This region includes the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. 

The business of the Convention is to nominate the party's candidates for the offices of president and vice president of the United States.  Delegates will also adopt the party's platform and rules and procedures for the ensuing four years period.  Convention business will be conducted by the approximately 2,500 delegates supported by an equal number of alternate delegates.  The number of each delegates from each state is determined by a formula based on population and political performance.  Texas will be authorized a total of 155 Delegates, 152 Alternates.  This total includes the 3 delegates / alternates authorized by each Congressional District and the Delegate / Alternate at large selected by a nominations committee.

The quadrennial Republican National Convention is the responsibility of the 168 member Republican National Committee (RNC).  The RNC Chairman is Reince Priebus of Wisconsin.  A Committee on Arrangements (COA) is formed to oversee Convention preparations, which consists of 56 members – one RNC member each from the fifty states and six territories as appointed by the Chairman.  National Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen has been appointed to the COA.

The Convention will be held in the St. Pete Times Forum, a sports and entertainment arena.  News media headquarters and backup work space will be in the Tampa Convention Center.  An estimated 45,000 persons, including delegates, alternates, party officials, volunteers and convention guests are expected.  This estimate includes an approximately 15,000 news media and support personnel.  A  total of 96 hotels and approximately 70 venues have been contracted to provide housing and entertainment for the Convention period.  All hotel rooms will be assigned by the Convention housing office, without exception.  Instructions and deadlines for housing applications will be issued separately.  No housing will be assigned before late spring of 2012.  Venues contracted for special events include locations such as:  Busch Gardens; Florida Aquarium; Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo; and the Salvador Dali Museum.  The Convention housing office assigns venue locations based on request and demand.  No venue will be assigned before late spring of 2012.  Over 300 air conditioned buses will carry state delegations and their guests to and from the Convention Sessions.


2012 Republican Presidential Nomination  Here is a good compellation of public polls as to how the presidential nominating process is playing out.

RNC website:   Republican National Committee