‘Much work to be done, but encouraged that Legislature acted on these items related to RPT Platform,” Dickey says.

AUSTIN – With the close of this special session of the Texas Legislature, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey has outlined the bills passed relating to the Republican Party platform:

“We are constantly working to advance the official Platform of the Republican Party of Texas, which is rooted in conservative principle. Following the special session, there is still much work to be done, but I’m encouraged that the Legislature acted on these important items that will help keep Texas free and prosperous.”

Protecting election integrity by cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud
“Election integrity is absolutely fundamental to our republic. That is why we are strong advocates for increased scrutiny and security in balloting by mail as specified in the Republican Party of Texas platform plank #59. Mail-in ballot fraud represents the first Republican platform item from the special session to become law.

“Senate Bill 5 increases penalties for fraudulent mail-in ballots and was signed by Governor Abbott on August 11, 2017. Thanks to Senator Kelly Hancock and Representatives Jodie Laubenberg and Craig Goldman for advocacy on this important issue, as well as to Governor Abbott for including this on the call for the special session.”

Preserving property ownership by through municipal annexation reform
“The Republican Party of Texas platform plank #37 expresses that property ownership must not be abridged or denied by government and that we support legislation that protects this bedrock right. Municipal annexation takes away control from property owners and places their property under the authority of government officials they did not elect. It then forces them to pay new taxes and be placed under new regulations that accompany moving to a new municipality.

“I applaud Senator Donna Campbell and Representative Dan Huberty’s efforts with Senate Bill 6, which seeks to reform this practice and defend fundamental property rights for some Texans. Senate Bill 6 was signed into law by Governor Abbott on August 15, 2017.”

Defending the sacred right to life
“Plank #94 of the Republican Party platform calls for abortion insurance coverage to be treated as supplemental and billed to the beneficiary and is an important step in moving us closer to the goal of saving all unborn Texans.

“Thank you to Senator Brandon Creighton and Representative John Smithee for leading and implementing these important pro-life protections with House Bill 214, which was signed by Governor Abbott on August 15th. The Republican Party is passionately and consistently pro-life in our platform, and we are encouraged by this critical victory for the unborn in Texas.”

Strengthening reporting requirements for abortion Complications
“In strengthening the reporting requirements in cases of abortion complications, the Texas Legislature has taken steps to help protect the lives of mothers and their unborn children. This measure will also ensure that accurate data is collected regarding the pro-life laws in Texas. Thank you to the authors, co-authors, and sponsors of House Bill 215 and House Bill 13 for their efforts on this legislation.”

Do Not Resuscitate orders
“The rights of patients should absolutely be respected all the way through the end of their lives regarding the treatment and care they receive. Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders must require the consent of the patient or his/her family. The Republican Party of Texas plank #100 calls for reform of existing legislation so that DNR may not be ordered for a patient without his or her own or the family’s knowledge and consent.

“We appreciate the efforts of Senator Charles Perry and Representative Greg Bonnen in taking the lead on this issue. Texas law previously allowed health care providers the ability to impose DNR orders on patients without their (or their surrogate’s) knowledge or consent. The RPT Platform is consistent in upholding the rights of the individual and the sanctity of human life. We applaud the legislature for passing this important legislation and Governor Abbott for signing it yesterday.”