Tuesday, June 15, 2017

Austin- “Grassroots Republicans invested significant time and energy into developing a strong conservative platform. We appreciate the Governor’s decisive actions in support of these items recognizing the hard work of our delegates.

Governor Abbott’s vetoes of the following bills are consistent and in agreement with the RPT Platform as follows:

-HB 572

Plank # 166: Government Spending

-HB 1284 & HB 1586 & HB 1859

Plank # 45: Preserving Private Enterprise

-HB 2410 & HB 3055

Plank # 59: Fair Election Procedures

-HB 3025

Plank # 37: Property Rights

-SB 196

Plank # 18: Unfunded Mandates

Republicans across Texas look forward to working with our Governor and elected officials to further achieve our platform objectives during the upcoming special session.”