During the month of February, the Republican Party of Texas is hosting a series of events throughout the state intended to increase participation in the Republican party: including how to become a precinct chairman; how county and state parties are organized; how to become a delegate to the State Convention; and what takes place at a state convention. The main goal of of these events is to ensure the Republican party has a presence in every community and every community is engaged with the Republican party. We are very happy to report that there were more than 130 attendees from the Hispanic, Asian American, and African American communities who took the opportunity to discuss their ideas directly with Party Chairman, Steve Munisteri.

Also available for questions were RPT staff members responsible for minority engagement and numerous individuals who had previously served as state convention delegates themselves. The Chairman took this opportunity to reiterate his goal of increasing attendance at the State Convention and to ensure that all Republicans know how to get involved in the party, and more specifically, know how to participate in the convention process.

A very special thank you is extended to those individuals who played a role in our program and helped make these events a success: Fred Moses, Collin County GOP Chair, Leslie Recine, SREC member, Harold Jenkins, SREC Candidate Resource Committee member, Judge Louis SturnsState Representative Bill ZedlerDr. Martha WongJudge Theresa Chang, andState Representative Jim Murphy.



The RPT also hosted a booth at the Lunar New Year Houston festival with the support of the Texas Asian Republican Club-Houston (TARC). Held at the Viet Hoa International Center, the annual event is one of the largest lunar new year celebrations in the state, with an estimated of 50,000 individuals in attendance. The lunar new year is an important and a festive time of year for Eastern Asian cultures. Families gather together to celebrate with lion dances, fireworks, special family meals, and gifting of special red envelopes filled with money.

At the RPT booth, TARC volunteers wished visitors a happy new year with red envelopes containing candy, Chinese pastries, and literature about the Republican Party of Texas and the local Texas Asian Republican Club. Hundreds of visitors stopped by the booth to learn more about the Republican party and 370 people signed up to obtain more info about the RPT. Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri joined the festivities and personally greeted visitors at the RPT booth.