Obama, Reid and Pelosi have had total control.

For three years, Congress has been under the spell of liberalism. And for the past 19 months, liberal Democrats have had total control of all of Washington.

And what is the result?

“Hope and change” has been unmasked as “divide and conquer.”

The Democrats passed Obamacare in dead of night deals against the will of the American people. They launched federal attacks on the Texas economy via the Obama EPA. Unemployment continues to rise while the president vacations and plays partisan games. Massive tax hikes are set to pound the economy at the beginning of 2011.

In 60 days, you will help break the spell of liberalism on America.

Are you ready? Are you ready to help re-elect the one Governor who has consistently stood up to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda, Rick Perry? Are you ready to help eject Pelosi proteges like Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez from the US House, replacing them and other Democrats with sound fiscal conservatives who will look out for Texas, rather than serve liberal Washington masters?

Are you ready to block walk for our great Texas House candidates? Are you ready to phone bank, plant yard signs, talk with your neighbors, and be involved in the hard work of defending Texas and strengthening the conservative majority here?

Are you ready to draw that line in the sand and tell the Democrats, “No farther!”

November 2 is just 60 days away. Join the Texas Trailblazers. Donate to your Republican Party of Texas. Support Republicans from the county courthouse to the statehouse.

We have 60 more days of unchecked liberal Democrat rule in Washington. And then a new day of renewed personal liberty and government accountability will begin.