Mr. Crumby,

Thank you for your email. RPT Rule 1f provides the Republican State Chair the authority to clarify rules where ambiguity exists subject to final clarification by the SREC. In the context that you’re asking, I’m not seeing anything in Rule 8g that could be open more than one interpretation. 

Reading RPT Rule 8g in concert with RONR p 97-99 should answer the question you’re asking.  

Please do not hesitate to email or call if there is any way I can be of assistance.

Mr Chairman,

Can you provide clarity on RPT rule 8g regarding the Rules (sub) Committee of the County Executive Committee …

Is a virtual meeting acceptable as long as any CEC member …

  1. Can listen to  the call
  2. Can view any shared online documents or presentation
  3. Has the right to speak to the committee

Thank you for your service.

We are working in Montgomery County to unify to elect Republicans this November.


Brian Crumby

RPT Rule 8g – Open Meetings and Right to Testify – All meetings of any State or County Executive Committee or its committees, subcommittees, or ad hoc committees shall be open to any member of that executive committee, and they shall have the right to appear before any such committee, subcommittee, or ad hoc committee and make recommendations for the committee’s consideration or testify concerning any item under purview of the committee and to record the proceedings of any meeting not held in executive session with electronic devices. The committee may adopt reasonable rules including time limits for such presentations and may establish a reasonable limit of time for these presentations. This Rule does not preclude the committee from going into executive session; however, such executive session(s) shall be open to any member of the executive committee including ex-officio members.