Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sam Pohl,


AUSTIN, TX – Saturday Night Live dug a fresh new low in a shameful mocking of retired Navy SEAL and Texas Congressional District 2 Republican nominee,  Dan Crenshaw, for the loss of his eye while serving on his 3rd tour overseas in Afghanistan. After this injury, Crenshaw served two more tours overseas for our country.

“Saturday Night Live and cast member Pete Davidson’s attempts to mock decorated war hero, Retired Lt. Commander Dan Crenshaw, are utterly abhorrent. Crenshaw served ten years in the Navy and lost his eye from an IED while serving our country,” said Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey.  “The show’s decision to belittle Dan Crenshaw belittles all veterans. This is what we have come to expect from progressives and celebrity elites. Veterans, as aptly stated by the National Republican Congressional Committee, are not laughing. Saturday Night Live, NBC and Davidson must apologize not only to Dan Crenshaw, but to every veteran and their families who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms.

“Texas can send the country a message that these outrageous actions of the left have no place in the Lone Star State by voting Straight Republican on Tuesday.”