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Austin, TX, Release: October 22, 2021 — For Immediate Release

The Republican Party of Texas announced a second open letter to Governor Abbott encouraging a Fourth Special Session to address vaccine mandates and other RPT priorities that have been left abandoned. The letter is signed by a majority of the State Republican Executive Committee and details the Party’s support for legislation like HB 168 by Rep. Brian Harrison.

The letter states in part: We strongly believe it is the proper role and function of government to protect our God-given rights, not just from government itself, but from anyone who seeks to trample them. We would remind the business community, if they are fearful of crippling litigation, to take shelter under the freedom that legislation like HB 168 offers and not mandate vaccines for their employees.”

This letter follows calls from the Lieutenant Governor, previous statements by RPT Chairman Matt Rinaldi, and other elected officials. Notably, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently called for a special session to address this same issue.