Austin, TX — On Saturday, the State Republican Executive Committee voted to concur with a resolution censuring Texas House Speaker Joe Straus that was previously adopted by the Bexar County Republican Party. The Bexar resolution cited multiple occasions where Speaker Straus’ actions hindered and obstructed legislation that would advance RPT principles and priorities and requested the SREC to concur and apply the censure penalties available under RPT’s Rule 44.

Since this censure resolution arose under Rule 44, it required a 2/3rds vote of the full SREC (43 in favor) to pass. After hours of debate, the SREC voted 44 to 19 to grant Bexar’s request, concur in their resolution of censure, and apply appropriate penalties.

RPT Chairman James Dickey and Vice Chair Amy Clark cast the deciding votes to pass the resolution. They acknowledged that this was a difficult vote on an issue that has received much discussion but that ultimately they believed it was appropriate and necessary for the Party’s health and unity to recognize the concerns raised by Republican voters and county parties across the state by adopting this resolution and moving forward.

“Please know, we do not do this lightly, and it does not necessarily reflect any personal opinion on particular details in this discussion,” Chairman Dickey said. “This is us being committed to supporting the convention, the delegates, Republican voters across Texas in unifying our Party to move forward.”

During debate on the resolution, SREC Committeeman and Bexar County GOP Chair Mark Dorazio stated, “In 1992 we passed the most conservative platform in the history of Texas, and that platform stands today.  And all of those grassroots people that we represent have put in years, and money and their sweat and toil just to have their own elected representatives undermined. We have had control of the state legislature and we can’t get bills out of our house because of the obstruction of the speaker. This platform we have is to unify us. ”

“The Republican Party of Texas believes in its principles and supports the work of its delegates, voters, precinct chairs, and elected officials in upholding those principles,” said Chairman Dickey. “We must now move forward and focus on our goal of growing the Party and electing Republicans in critical races up and down the ballot in 2018. That is and will continue to be the Party’s number one priority in the weeks and months to come.”

The Bexar County Censure Resolution is available here.
The SREC Resolution is available here.
Chairman Dickey’s full remarks on his vote are available here.