Today, State Representative Jim Keffer (R?Eastland) launched a petition website calling on Congress to follow Texas' lead by passing a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

The website,, provides Texas citizens and lawmakers the opportunity to sign the petition that Rep. Keffer will personally deliver to members of Congress later this year.

“Washington needs to learn the first lesson in Texas economics: Don’t spend more than you make,” said Keffer. “It’s time for Washington to follow our lead and pass a balanced budget amendment. I am asking all Texans and my colleagues in the Texas legislature to sign this petition and send a message that we are sick and tired of the out?of?control federal spending.”

The Texas State Constitution requires a balanced state budget. This past session the Texas legislature balanced the budget without raising taxes despite a budget shortfall.

“Our Texas Constitution reflects our commitment to conservative values,” said Keffer. “We have to make tough decisions and prioritize spending just as Texas families do in tough times, and we have been able to keep the size of our state government in check and our economy stable and job friendly.”

Representative Keffer co?authored House Concurrent Resolution 18 this past session calling on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment. The resolution overwhelmingly passed both the House and Senate with bi?partisan support and was signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are required to hold votes this fall on a federal balanced budget amendment as one of the conditions of the recently enacted legislation to raise the debt ceiling. Keffer plans to personally deliver the petition to members of Congress ahead of the vote.

“We have a great Texas delegation in Washington, many of whom share our commitment to reigning in federal spending,” said Keffer. “It’s also my goal with this petition to provide our delegation with grassroots support to keep fighting the current administration and the big liberal spenders.”

To sign the petition, visit