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Statement on RPT Legislative Priorities Final Results

Last Saturday, the State Republican Executive Committee adopted a resolution regarding the 85th Legislature’s work on the eight Republican Party of Texas priorities.

The Republican Party of Texas is sincerely grateful for the efforts of every legislator who authored, co-authored, and championed all eight priorities. We appreciate the unanimous Republican votes that led to the passage of three priorities: prioritizing funds for border security, calling an Article V convention to restrict the power of the federal government, and defunding sanctuary cities that fail to uphold immigration laws. We thank the legislators who exercised leadership by authoring bills in support of these priorities, and we are proud that every single one of our Republican Representatives and Senators voted in favor of them.

Chairman James Dickey stated, “Our Legislative Affairs committee worked hard to determine which bills lined up with our priorities and worked to publicize that information during session. They tracked all bills and carefully considered which ones supported what the delegates wanted. This is another example of our ongoing interaction with the legislative process, and I am tremendously pleased at the positive relationships being fostered as we have worked together on the same mission on these bills.”

The Republican Party of Texas continues to support the remaining priority items throughout the interim session. These include constitutional carry, abolishing abortion, replacing property tax, school choice through tax credits, and defense of First Amendment freedoms. Chairman Dickey stated, “Although several priority issues failed to pass in the 85th legislature, I thank all the legislators and grassroots who expended energy in promoting them. We welcome their continued effort with us in this shared mission and ask for their continued support to bring these issues closer to passage.”

Here is the full language of the resolution that passed.

85th RPT Priorities Legislative Status and Actions

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