Thousands of Texas Republicans participated, and now we are sharing the results of the Republican Party of Texas’ survey regarding a Presidential Straw Poll.  The results have revealed that more Republican activists chose the Dallas/Fort Worth area as their preferred location. 35.3% of all respondents were “definitely interested” in attending a D/FW area straw poll, and another 25.7% were “somewhat interested.” 39% of respondents were not interested in attending a D/FW straw poll.

The Austin area came in second, with 28.7% of respondents “definitely interested”, 31.7% “somewhat interested” and 39.5% “not interested”.

Houston came in third, with 27.5% “definitely interested”, 21.8% “somewhat interested”, and 50.7% “not interested”.

San Antonio came in last, with 19.9% “definitely interested”, 32.9% “somewhat interested” and 47.2% “not interested”.

Saturday, October 22nd was slightly preferred over Saturday, October 15th. While both dates generated a 52.4% “Definitely interested” rate, October 15th generated more “not at all” interested with 14.3% compared to 12.2% for Saturday, October 22nd.

The survey also revealed that an event cost of $50 per person would probably significantly adversely affect turnout when compared to a cost of $35 per person. 62.5% of respondents were “definitely interested if the event was $35, but only 18.2% were definitely interested if the cost was $50 per person. Likewise at $35 per person, only 10.2% were not interested at all, whereas at 50 per person, 42.7% were “not interested”.

Chairman Munisteri plans to present the full results of the survey at this weekend’s upcoming SREC meeting, at which time input will be received from SREC members and a final decision rendered shortly.


Our previous email on the straw poll contained an error. The email stated that the 2007 Straw Poll lost approximately $200,000. This should have read the 2007 Straw Poll “cost” approximately $200,000. The overall loss was slight, and more than justified by the turnout of several thousand attendees and the enthusiasm and interest that it generated. We apologize for the error.