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Austin, TX, Release: February 3, 2021 For Immediate Release  

The TXGOP is opposed to the Democrat plan to purge conservatives from the military and attempting to remove “right-wing” patriots from our Armed Forces. Below is Chairman West’s full statement on this atrocious proposal

“I served on the House Armed Services Committee and this proposal by Rep. Speier (D-Ca) is absurd and dangerous. This harkens back to the Soviet Red Army’s use of political officers, Kommissars, to police political activity and enforce strict adherence to the communist party rule. Generations of my family have served this nation in uniform, all combat veterans.

This totalitarian idea is inconsistent with the principles and values of our constitutional Republic. It’s unconscionable that Congresswoman Speier doesn’t mention anything about Antifa, BLM, or other leftist extremist groups. This is the beginning of a political purging of our military. I condemn Rep. Speier for this “kooky” conspiracy theory-based idea and demand she apologize to our men and women in uniform. It’s apparent, from dismissing our military to sleep in a parking garage, Jen Psaki’s disrespect to the Space Force, and this delusion that the Biden administration and Democrats don’t give a damn about our Armed Forces.

Perhaps Speier should review the social media of Rep. Cori Bush, her colleague, who led a violent mob in St. Louis against two innocent American citizens, the McCloskey’s.”