In an important vote for pro-life values, the Republican-controlled Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 16 on Thursday afternoon. The legislation requires that doctors must perform a sonogram at least two hours before an abortion and has additional language instructing doctors to describe the sonogram and details of the baby to the mother. SB 16 passed by a vote of 21- 10 with 18 Republican legislators voting for the bill. We thank our Senators for taking leadership for the protection of life and a woman’s right to be fully informed!

RPT State Chairman Steve Munisteri praised the Senate for the vote, stating “I applaud our Texas Senators for passing the Sonogram Bill so quickly. Along with Voter ID, our Senators have been very responsive at passing these priority items – two of our RPT legislative priorites for the session. I wish to recognize and congratulate Senator Dan Patrick and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst for their leadership on this bill and also wish to thank Governor Rick Perry for naming this as an emergency item to allow the Senate to consider it early in the session.”

The Sonogram bill now moves on to the Texas House of Representatives where our Republican super-majority is expected to approve the measure with little delay. However, we still encourage all Texans who are concerned about the bill to contact their state representatives and urge them to support the passage of this legislation.

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