The RPT would like to thank Steve Findley, State Republican Executive Committee Member from Senate District 1, for his dedicated leadership as Chairman of the RPT’s Candidate Resources Committee for 2009-2010. With a goal of raising and distributing $124,000 to Republican candidates, Steve and the other members of the CRC worked many long hours raising funds, reviewing funding applications, and making presentations across Texas to prospective contributors, auxiliary clubs and party meetings.

Under Steve’s leadership, the RPT Candidate Resources Committee beat its goals, and raised total contributions in excess of $128,000 to help elect Republican candidates in down ballot races. In races from JP and County Clerk, to Commissioner and County Judge – the CRC contributed to over 100 Republican candidates in 59 counties, across 17 Senatorial districts.

The results were dramatic – the RPT continues to get full reports from counties across Texas that entire Commissioners’ courts have flipped red, and we are seeing many instances where Democrat office holders are approaching our county chairmen and switching parties to become Republicans! Through our outstanding candidates, volunteers, clubs and auxiliaries – Republicans continue to make inroads in blue counties, and to expand our majorities in those we have already turned red. The CRC exists to ensure that these candidates receive additional help toward building these majorities.

Our thanks again to CRC Chairman Steve Findley, Vice-Chairman Jim Wiggins, SREC members John Cook, Bernice Lewis, Valoree Swanson, Sheryl Berg, Neal Katz, Bob Jones, Johnnie B. Rogers, John Larrison, Marian Stanko, Jason Moore, and non-SREC members Genny Hensz, Harold Jenkins, Patricia Garza, Russell Martinez, Kevin Christian and Kim Hesley. Thank you all for your service!